a great thing has occured

2 09 2008

Okay, I just found out on Watex.wordpress.com that you can still do the i million coins cheat that I put under this post on Bean Counter, because the bug wasn’t fixed. I am pretty sure you won;t get banned, but be carefull! Also, I’m not sure if it works on all computers, because on mine, when I clicked tab, it just made me go down to the bottom of the page. It might work on miniclip, I’ll go try it! Also, sign up to be a beta on the new game coming out soon called http://ninjaisland.wordpress.com!

UPDATE: Okay, I just got to one of the founders of the cheat, and they figured out another way to get the coins! It will be gone by the end of the week definitely, so do it quick! Okay here it is again!:

First, go to any server and click bean counter.

Than play and get around a hundred coins.

Then press tab so a yellow box appears around the X, and press enter.

Once the popup comes up, hold down Enter and let tthe money roll in!




One response

2 09 2008

are you going to post from your laptop since you have it now?

Probably, and you need to change the theme of your blog, I mean, BOOK SUMMARIES? No one will probably go to your blog. no offense dude, but seriously.

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