back again

1 09 2008

Hey guys, I have some quick news. I saw Purple Jhon today, and he said he might be able to help ot on the blog because I’ll be busy with ninja island. I also wanted to share with you guys the there was a glitch out that you could get away with and not get banned. It was to get a million coins. I got this from a video made by mike 92. Someone told him but I don’t know his name. Okay here it is:

1. go to safe chat server, and then go to the night club

2. click DJ3K

3. click TAB so a little yellow box comes up on the screen around a random object.

4. Keep clicking TAB until it is around you igloo button.

5. Then press ENTER

6. Now you went to your igloo, and the question box to play the game is still there, press yes.

7. Now click tab until the yellow box is around the X in the game

8. Click enter.

9. Click it again, and it should say you got 500 coins.

10. Now hold in tab and you get A TON OF COINS!Do it until you get 1 MILLION!

Sadly, it doesn’t work anymore, so now instead of getting coins, a message pops up and it says automatic log off. Be carefull of trying it, because they might change logging you off into you are banned!

Nothing is new right now, so happy memorial day!




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