two weird things

31 08 2008

Hey guys, I think I might have gotten hacked, because when I got on the blog, it said I had someone else working for me called ranger14. I never said he could help, so that’s pretty weird. If you know this guy or if he comes to the blog, could you tell him not to do that ever again?

Second, I found a glitch in club penguin. If you go to the soccer field, the ball doen’t roll like it used to. It just moves around but doen’t roll. Weird huh?

We still need betas on ninja island, and I’ll add people to the blog, I just want me doing it and not other people. It’s pretty hard to maintain a blog on your own when it’s your pretty busy. Also, I don’t think my friend posts anymore, so I’ll let someone come to my blog if they would like to. I’m kind of bored with cp now, because it’s just too overdone, and it’s very kiddish. I don’t want all of my blog’s work to go to waste, so I’ll still post for you guys, you just won’t see me walking around on club penguin anymore.

I also changed my avatar from my penguin outfit to a ninja mask. I’ll probably change it later to a ninja penguin to match ninja island and this blog, but right now it’s kind of cool!






One response

1 09 2008

hey i love your site so i found this other site everyone check it out its awsome it is it rocks!! o and by the way i like your site if u like the blog can u put it on your blog roll? Plzzzzz?

darthrichi96: Let me guess, it’s yours.

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