31 08 2008

YAY! My hits have doubled  this week! We got and average of 40 hits a day! We are doing really good! Once we get 5,000 I’ll have a huge party for the celebration of having the blog for a year, and getting 5,000 hits! Thanks for making it possible! Remember, bring all of your friends to the site! Everyone is invited! Since we are doing better and ninja island is pretty good so far, I’ll get started on a new funny picture and I’ll make an advertising page where you can post the link to your blog!

Nothing is new in cp right now, except that they are keeping the football field for a month or so. Right now, that means that the walk on walls cheat at the icerink is inactive because it doesn’t look as cool at the penguin stadium. It is also the 150th penguin times newspaper is out! I think I have some pictures of the 100th. If I find them, I’ll post them here today or tommorow.

Ninja island: Ninja island is a new multiplayer game coming out in a month, that will be somewhat like club penguin. Me and some other people are designing it and using Flash to make it. go to this link to see news about it: We really need some betas to help us with glitches and ideas, so go to the site and just comment and we’ll put you as a beta. All you have to do is put the site in your blogroll or go to other blogs and post the link in a comment or tell your friends or anything to help us advertise. It’s worth it! betas will get two special items when the game comes out that will never come back.I’ll work on some more pictures for them to post on both blogs.

Lastly, if you have any ideas on how I should improve the blog, just commetn and tell me. Thanks a lot!






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