ninja island and apologgy

28 08 2008

sorry i haven’t posted much, to make it up to you, I’ll make a new pic. It’s just that I’m kinda bored with CP now and school is super hard this year so I won’t have much time. But, I’m going to help some guys make a new game ninja island like CP, but with ninjas. I’m just bored with CP because they’ve make it so that pretty much 5-10 year olds will like it. It used to be 6-14, but now since Disney bought it they’ve kicked off the 14 and put on 10. So I’ll post for it on the blog but I’m only going on to take pics and get coins if a new catalog comes out. Also, I might sell some of my penguins for a dollar or two if you guys want them… they’re very rare!





One response

29 08 2008

Hey Darthrichi, can I please have a rare penguin it’s not for me – I’m rare but my sisters aren’t and they’re both always so jealous and they beg me for my password and I say, “No way what type of loser do you think I am?!” and then they’re angry at me and they hate me for the next few days and then I get totally pissed of cos they’re annoyed cos I don’t wanna give them my password so can I PLEASE have one of those penguins? Please?

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