Ninja Island

20 08 2008

Hey guys, I’ve found the blog for this new game coming out called ninja island! It’s going to be really cool! It’s a multiplayer game a little like club penguin but with ninjas, I don’t know if the ninjas will be penguins or people yet, they havn’t announced. E-mail them and register to be a beta tester and you can help be a beta tesster, and You will get a free beanie only beta testers can get, and when the game opens, when it is finished and many people have heard of it, they will release they game, and it is expected to release in october or early november. Go to their blog to see more about it, also, they have sneak peacks of the game, and if you see them, that is only the beta version, and it will be much better.






2 responses

20 08 2008


darthrichi96: I know! he keeps getting hacked!

24 08 2008

Hey Darth, I have a commenting contest at my site for this super rare penguin so go to it so you should really in it bye

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