ninja island and best cheat ever!

20 08 2008

Hey guys! I’ve come up with the best cp cheats this week on my own! They both belong to me and if you want to put them on your blog you have to give me full credit and say “I got this cheat from since he discovered it. If you don’t and i catch you, I will tell wordpress and they will ban your blog. Not trying to be mean, but I would like credit for my work, okay? Also, go under this post to see about the new multiplayer game ninja island!

Cheat one, how to walk on walls!

Optional: wear a mask and black and say you’re a ninja!  Okay, first, go to the ice rink and stand in the center, do this as fast as possible, and click on the the trees above the exit and then hurry quickly nd click the mail button. Wait a few seconds and then X out, and PRESTO! You are walking on the wall! You can dance, wave, or throw snaowballs up there, but don’t move or click somewhere else because it takes you down or to the snow forts, this isn’t a hack so you shouldn’t get banned.

Second cheat, do the moon walk. I’m not sure if others see thiss, but click the dance button, and whenever your penguin sticks his left foot out then the right, click D again and he repeats it, making him look like he’s walking in spot! This isn’t a hack and I don’t know how long it will stay.

This was discovered by me, so once again you have to give me all the credit and give a link to my site nxt to it. Thanks!





3 responses

21 08 2008
Chewy is his email

28 08 2008

The real moonwalk is a hack, and other people can’t see that moonwalk they see you dancing normally and the real walk on walls is also a hack so don’t do it.

8 03 2009

no its not a hack but still the first cheat didnt work

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