rockhopper and blue prints

8 08 2008

I am sorry, but I’m leaving in an hour, so I have no time to post everything about aqua grabber, and rockhopper, so I’m very sorry. I had to copy all of this from wwe adams blog, so here it is:

Hey everyone, RH is here and he has brought an awesome catalog with cheats!

If you click the steering wheel, you will find the life ring, for igloos.

For the scavenger hunt, the first boat is at the dock under the wooden boards.

The next ship is at the beach under the rocks.

The next piece is at the ice burg, which is the big block of ice on your map.

The next paper ship is at the bottom right of the cove.

For the next boat, visit the mine shack which is the place you go after you are done cart surfing.

Visit the coffee shop for another boat.

The next to last paper ship is at the pool in the windows.

The final boat is at the pet shop, near puffle round up!

Now that you have all the pieces, press the “Build the blue prints” button.

Now build the blue prints to look like this:

Claim your prize from Rory which is a blue prints background!

When I get back, I’ll give you guys a great walk through to aqua grabber! Plus there is a new cheat in the cheat/glitches/hacks page.




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12 08 2008

hey when r u wuiting

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