party at an end

6 08 2008

Hey guys! I’m running into some difficulties helping my friend ice558 out with her avatar and account. Also, I’m afraid purplejhon might not be joining our site. Uding will still be posting from time to time, but he doesn’t really go on Club penguin anymore.

The party has finnaly ended after two weeks and rockhoppers approaching shore, and club penguin is having a sequel to the blue team in the stage. They will probably be bringing back the blue face paint. Here’s what the old one looked like to all the new penguins who didn’t see it:


In a month, well have hit 4,000 views of this blog, and in three months, my blog will be one year old! It’s progressed so much since I started it. Thank you all my viewers for seeing my blog and keep coming back!

Also, I’ve been looking at other blogs, and they all have 20,000+ and they’ve only been around a few months. It kind of disappoints me that I only have 4,000. So I’m going to go around to blogs asking if they will put me in their blogroll, and posting my website in comments. If you have a website, just comment below and ask if you want to put each other in our blogrolls and I’ll say yes. Also, I would really like it if you guys could help me out too. Here we can have a contest. If I get 5,000 hits by the blogs anniversary, I’ll have a big party and and give everyone who attends it 5,000 coins to their penguin since its 5,000 hits.






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