last week’s full sneak peak + A chance to be an admin on my site

3 08 2008

Okay, last week there was the green sneak peak for a game that turns out to be for Aqua Grabber, originally used to collect the peices of Rockhoppers ship that crashed into a floating ice berg (which I predicted). Now, we have the full version of the sneak peak, plus some of the new shoes (or Crocs) to the side of it available in the new catalog. The Update to the game comes out August 5th. Here it is:

Second, I am slowly driving away from Club Penguin like all the other great bloggers like paintboy100, and dark side user, and Pink Mafias, and a whole lot of unknown people. I am not permantly quiting, but me and Uding don’t go on much anymore, so I am inviting and admin onto my site, which will help me post, and if he wants to, get the dothechill blog and Sheenboy blog too. I you would like to be apart of my blog, if you know me or not, just comment below and tell me how much experiance you,ve had with blogging and if you Have any experience with photoshop, or Paint know how to take pictures of the internet and how to use Paint or Photoshop as expertly or more or less as I do. Everyone will have an equal chance of winning, no favs. Thanks for visiting my blog!






One response

3 08 2008

i have seen penguins wearing a gold necklace with blue and green beads on i wondered if u new about it. I thought it might be a hidden item?

btw the imformation about the band is gr8 thx i’ll use it!

Darthrichi96: Yeah, it’s probably the Jade necklace, I tried getting a picture of it onto my blog, but it didn’t work, so go to my picture site to see it and other pictures. It’s hidden on the blue part of the white outfit in the new catalog. I’m happy you liked my tips to find the band!

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