sneak peak

31 07 2008

Hey guys I got a special sneak peak at the new Clothing catalogue coming out tomorrow! I guess it’s going to be a picnic tablecloth or a checkered dress. It also looks like they are putting in rubber bands for your wig or new bracelets. Also, rockhoppers due back soon for the end of summer. He’ll be back here in a couple of weeks.

Otherwise, there isn’t much stuff happening in club penguin.

Lastly, I haven’t been keeping up with adding in more music videos, so… I was thinking of asking any of the people who go to my site or people who need advertising of their group if they would like me to advertise their Club penguin videos and music videos on my site. I am a great advertiser and could post all your videos on my blog. If you know someone or are someone who is in a group or makes videos solo, give me the title of one of your best movies you’ve made and I’ll look at it and if I think it’s good, I’ll advertise and make banners for you, and post your band on my blog. If you want to, E-mail me or comment under this post.






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