new party and the CPIP blog gone

25 07 2008

The CPIP blog is now closed down. I have pictures, but they are all unedited. I don’t have any time right now, so I’m gonna password protect them and post them on the blog, and then tonight or tomorrow I’ll edit them and then take off the password and put them onto this post. I screwed this up, so we didn’t have those pictures this weekend, but I might be able to soon, or today.

Here’s what’s up:

The party is easily the best one yet, with tons of cool features, such as one rock stage, one classical stage at the ski village, a pink stage at the beach, a jamacian stage and free maracas at the cove, a country stage at the forest, a make-a-music 3000 at the dojo, and an alternating stage at the dock. Plus the hip-hop theme at the night club! also, with the new permanent game, DJK3! What you do is your penguin is wearing headphones,while you click buttons, and play beats to make up a dance music song (no lyrics) You also get coins for it.

Also, here is a secret. Go to the concession stand at the Snow Forts and buy the VIP pass for 50 coins. Then go to the dock where the changing stage is. Move your mouse over the”VIP only” sign is and click when the curtains open. You can go backstage and hang out! There is a box of instruments to the left that you can buy from. I already had them all from last year, but the new bass guitar just came out. There is also a secret item hidden in the title. Click the top of the I to get the red electric guitar.

Plus, there are two free items. The first is a music jam 2008 t-shirt at the plaza, and the second is the first maracas at the cove.

Full credit to Wwe Adam for the above pictures.

Also, new on the Club Penguin blog, I sadly missed it, but yesterday the penguin band got their own penguins and walked around backstage and took a break, and everyone could see them! Now they are back on the stage playing, but here is a pic:


There is also a sneak peak of a new level to an existing CP game, prabably bean counter, since nobody plays it.


and once again I have ran out of time to finish the pics, I’m trying really hard to get these done, I’m sorry.






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