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22 07 2008

Hey, I’m back with great news about a ton of stuff! First, I’d like to put out that thanks to your help, our blog has gone up 170 hits in three days! thats great! Please keep telling more club penguin fans about my blog and how awesome it is and I will keep posting  and putting up great features to the website. My next party will be for 5,000 hits, and I bet that we can get that many hits in one month. Well, I guess we have to because school starts in august and September for most people, and during the school year it’ll be hard to keep up with the blog and I won’t have a lot of time to come up with things like new funny pictures and finding new cool music videos, plus parties.

Anyway, lets forget about school and start talking about what’s new in CP. The newest feature came out today, and it was the list next to the member igloo map, that Billybob said would be coming out.


The second feature is a sneak peak of the new DJ scratching and music mixing game, coming out in the Music Jam 2008 party, arriving this Friday, on July 25th, 2008.


Third, is another spoiler picture of the forest.


Yesterday, I went on Frozen, and I actually saw about 10 beta testers, and two people walking on walls. The reason I couldn’t post yesterday and why I posted today is because I made this:

Lastly, The pin is located at the bottom left corner of the pool on a rock.

Sorry, I’ll post about the new clothing catalogue tomorrow!






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5 08 2008

i like BETA i need one soo bad!!!!!!! just saying 🙂


Darthrichi96: Here, I can make you a beta if you want to. Click the Print Screen/SysRq Button in the top right of your keyboard, and then get onto Paint on your desktop and click the dashed square at the top of the tool bar and then click paste on the drawing board. Save it and then attach it to an E-mail and then E-mail me, and in a few days check back in and I’ll post it onto my blog. I’ll do it to anyone else’s penguin too!

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