newspaper issue #144

17 07 2008

Hey guys the new newspaper is out today and though not much is in it we haven’t heard , it’s still pretty good. The featured article is a review of the  encored Superhero play. It has been updated with a new background available to buy and a new Godzilla-like monster. If you ask me it looks more like a turtle :). Another good article is about the new music festival on the 25th, I think they might be introducing hip hop/ pop music to club penguin, because they are bringing in new music for igloos, and the article in the paper also states that they are going to need alot of DJ’s.

Sadly, we have to say good bye to one of the best cheats in club penguin. The talking with the newspaper cheat. They took off the ability to have the map up when you sled race, but, if you look at my cheats/glitches page there is still one way left to talk.

One more thing. I an working on two or three funny pics to post. Also, my sister found this really weird bug yesterday in club penguin where the gift shop was going past it’s capacity limit. Plus nobody moved or talked, so I think that everyone that ever went in that day and left a second one of them froze there and didn’t move. Then we left and came back and it was gone. Cool huh? Here is a pic:






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