A new DS game

16 07 2008

Hey guys! My internet was down so I couldn’t post about all the new stuff that has come out. The first thing I want to talk about is that Club Penguin has made their own Nintendo DS game! I am not positive about when it is coming out, but I found out some other things that might be usefull.

It is called Club Penguin: The Elite Penguin Force. In the game you will be solving puzzles, mysteries, possibly crimes, and all the secret agent missions. Basically,  you will be playing Club Penguin on your D.S., and you will have extra things to do on it via the elite penguin force missions. One thing cool about this is that you will be using a Disney gadget that comes inside the game (not something your penguin uses), called a Dgamer (Disney Gamer). This will hook you up to the club penguin servers and allow you to see your friends and play games and see the parties and updates all on your DS. So with this game, you are basically playing club penguin portably.

Here’s the pic:

Elite Penguin Force
And this is the old pic I thought the game was going to look like:



Also, I wanted to tell you all that in case you haven’t heard, there will be a musical party, and a music dance game coming at the end of the month! They might give out some rock star glasses or maybe a cool rock star jacket!

This is for the game, and looks like a DJ scratching a disc:

Also, club penguin has just released a ton of updates! First off, they have totally redesigned the whole postcard mailing system, to look super cool! You can also get cards from buddies when you are not on, so now you’ll have mail waiting for you!
They also have updated your igloo again, so that instead of it being white around it, you can see outside of it.
Lastly, they redid the sign in to servers. I dont know much about it so you’ll have to see for your self.




2 responses

26 11 2008
amy scarlett

i really like club penguin and i want to no how to buy it for christmas on nintendo ds and i want to no how much it is.

1 12 2008


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