Big mistake

8 07 2008

Sorry you guys, my trip turned out being 6 or seven days, and the days after that I needed to see my friends and unpack. So I know that so many things have happened that I haven’t posted. I’m sorry. I took some pictures of the earthquake if you would like to see them, here thay are:


Next, the new mission is out, I haven’t finished all of it yet, but here’s a video off of youtube for you to watch that will tell you everything.

It doesn’t have any sound, so you could open up my blog on another tab or internet, and play a music video for sound.

The new pin is at the cove, and is on the umbrella, its a firework!

The new catalogs are out, and I don’t know all of the hidden items, but I know that in the furniture catalog there is a cool hidden item hidden on the penguin on the new beach towel.

Rockhopper is gone, sadly, but in good news, I’m making two new funny pics this week!






One response

13 07 2008

hey its me i got you a new guitar, rocker cuff thingys, and a basketball, and for your furniture i got you the baseball bases including home plate. oh and i got you some backgrounds

yer welcome

Darthrichi96: Thanks dude you rock!

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