summer kickoff party, that I missed :(

24 06 2008

Hey guys, if you haven’t noticed, at least f major events have happened in Club Penguin, and I haven’t posted about any of them! First off, I was on vacation last week, and my condo had no computers. I tried to contact Uding and asked if he could get me the super cool items they gave away and if he could post on my blog, but he didn’t get the message a gave him. So I missed out on getting the yellow duck and the blue shell necklace, but thankfully I already had the Ice Cream Apron from last year. I apologize to the people who didn’t get all of the items at the party because I didn’t post. I would’ve if I could’ve.

First off, There is a new pin out, which is a basketball, and it is hidden in the stove at the pizza parlor.

The new catalog is here! Here is a picture from the blog I got at club Also, the dragon inflatable is hidden on the surf board on the beach towel.


The next thing is happening just came out today, Rockhopper is coming back!!! I just looked in the telescope today and sure enough, there he was! Also, if you got one of his rare pots that had dirt in them, you would remember that you might have gotten scammed because there was nothing in them, but look at them now! Every week they kept growing, and now they are at their full blooming stage! I think what might happen is in fall they will wither and die and in spring come back again!

The last thing is the stage. The new theme at the stage is called the penguin that time forgot. They have a new background that came out with it, and it is of a volcano! Anyway, they have some pretty wacky things out in it too, like lion skin clothes, and tiki masks. They also have a uni brow!

Also, I have worked on some funny pics and am converting all of my old funny pics from the category and putting them into a page. I have made a few new ones and I have a new one coming soon this week.

Finally, I have huge news! I am getting Flash professional and possibly the software to make videos with it for a year, and I might be able to make flash video games and movies made on flash, cool huh?






One response

30 06 2008

you know what, i’ll help you with those games. and youre right i didn’t get any message

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