the new Cp test item comes out today and new books!

30 05 2008

Today is May 30th, and the CPIP test item comes out this afternoon! At approximately 12:00pst the new test item will be launched out! If you did the following, you will get this item:

You made a penguin on the CPIP test servers

You logged in at least once

You didn’t hack or get banned

If you hacked or got banned from the hack editor I posted at the beginning of the party I am so sorry! I didn’t know that you could not get a CPIP item if that happened.

In the next biggest news, the new bookroom books have been published and added to out little library, except that it’s not that little any more. Look under this this post for the winners of the writing contest and look in club penguin for the tales they wrote. They have all been combined into one big book. I’ll post at once when the items come out to tell you if it lets you do a dance and what the item is.



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P.S. There is a new website out now called You play a little spelling game to help donate tons of food to people in Africa, and you don’t have to pay a cent! Try playing the game for 5 minutes or so.




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