I need some help

13 05 2008

Hey guys, first thing is, I’m sorry for not working on funny pictures of club penguin, and if my website might not look that appealing and up to date. I also am apologizing for not doing almost anything on my do the chill, I’ve only posted one thing on it! I think I might close it down and not use it until I have a good purpose for it. I also am saying that my friend sheenboy has cancelled his blog a few weeks ago, but I don’t know how to delete it, so I’ll just let it rot in cyberspace and not use it again.

Why I named this post “I need some help, is because I’m trying to get more hits. Right now, I am getting about a hundred hits per week and I really want to get some more. You see, I’m a good person. I see how many hits I have, and that  equals how many people I have helped on my blog. So the more hits, the more people get better at club Penguin. So what I want you to do is, I need you to just tell a few people to go to my site that don’t attend a site yet or visit one not as good as mine. You could tell them anywhere you want to, such as a bribble, chat-room, myspace, email, or just talk to your friend about it. I would really enjoy you doing this, so I’m going to bring back movie of the week, and eventually I will make a google video account, and I will also download one of the hypercams, so I can can make a few of my own! It starts tomorrow, and it will be under videos at the top of my blog.

Another thing I need to talk about, is that I am having my first annual contest!!!! I posted about it under this post, and it is guessing what the items given away at this next medieval party will be! You will be telling me two things, if it is just old items given away, old and new, or all new. Then you will tell me what the items will be. The contest ends as soon as the party starts. Post what you think they will be under this post, okay?






One response

14 05 2008

Don’t feel bad.My blog is worse anyway.

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