sneak peak 4 party

12 05 2008

Hey guys, I’m here to tell you I’ve got grand VIP pics of the new party!!! Just kidding, but here a sneak peak of the town. Also, I was one of the few penguins who saw and took part in the febuary 2007 winter festival. The town looked very simalar, and I think the color will be the blue in the castle igloo.

This is from paintboy 100, and is last year’s party, not the new one.


bonus: I am having a contest: guess what items will be available at the party, make one up that you think that will be there, or guess what item might be brought back! The contest ends the right before the party. If you hack to see what items are revealed, you will be banned from the contest. the winner will be on my blogroll for two weeks or more! You might have to put your e mail in, but that’s okay. I only use E-mails to respond back to you on e mail, but that’s only if you say something bad or have a question. Good luck!





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