I’m back!

10 05 2008

Oh my gosh! I haven’t posted for nearly two weeks now and in these weeks all of these things have happened! I have been so freaking busy with school, sports, and tons of other things I haven’t found time to go on club penguin and update my blog! I have to make another website on Freewebs for my teacher on piranhas, and it’s due on the 13th, and all I have is games and pictures! Today is the 10th! Not only that, I’m disecting frogs in science and just had a math test! I have a freakin paper to make too! Today I have sports and my grandparents are here for mother’s day and I am organizing my room and it’s a mess, and I’m going crazy!! TOO MUCH STUFF! So what I’m trying to say, Until school is out, in about two-three weeks, I will only have enough time to update ONLY this blog (not my other freewebs or DOTHECHILL) and maybe one picture from club penguin a week. I am so sorry about all of this. Also, I’ve made a miniclip player and I’ve been on him alot too. I’ll tell you guys how to make one later.

Here’s some things going on in the CP world:

The medieval catalog came out for the upcoming medieval party on the 16th, and the twelve fish encore came out. They have a goblet pin too.

Rockhopper left and the new game did too.

The big screen is available from the club penguin site, but you can’t nub, so it’s still best to go to this big screen: http://play.clubpenguin.com/load.swf

There will be a player card update at the end of may, but I think that they should be working on the CPIP testing hat instead.

In the catalog, the woodsman’s hat (robin hood hat) is on the emerald pointy hat, the green snorkel is hidden on the penguin wearing the white admiral’s uniform (in clearance), the crystal staff is hidden on the dragon’s hand, the viking helmet is hidden on the bow of the chocolate easter bunny, click it and close it 4 times to get the blue viking helmet, the cheesy necktie is hidden on the brown casual coat, and the purple spikette mohawk hair is hidden on the blue spikester mohawk in the hair catalog.






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