the key and a new game!

28 04 2008

The key is hidden at the back of rockhopper’s journal! here are some pics:

The sports catalog is also out and they have a baseball theme. I don’t think they have any hidden items.

If I havn’t posted this yet, the new igloos are out, and the hidden igloos are secret stone igloo hidden on the crowbar or somewhere else on the floor removal page, and the secret stone deluxe igloo is hidden on the secret stone igloo door.

The pin is a tresure chest at the ski village, which you dig up with the shovel on the right.

The free items you can get right now is: rainbow bracelet, room key, sailer hat at plaza, shirt at dock, background from rockhopper, and the treasure chest pin.

I also included a before and after picture of  the  spoiler billybob gave us and the real thing.

The new game is a treasure hunting game that is easy to learn how to play. Bye.




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