was I right or what?

22 04 2008

Man I was so right about this new mission! It is all about the clocks breaking down! Read what Billybob said:

Clock.jpg Today a brand new mission was released for Secret Agents! It’s top secret stuff, and you have to be an agent to get the details! But even if you’re not an agent, you would have noticed some strange events taking place in Club Penguin right now with the Clock Tower breaking down–that’s part of what the new mission is about! Of course, you’ll only get the whole story if you complete the mission!


Let us know what you think should happen next!


Until then…waddle on!


-The Club Penguin Team

The mission is out now, and here’s a walkthrough!


The new clothing catalouge came out, there is a new garden igloo, garden and plant items, and grass. This will be great for hosting sports games in your igloo. Sometime I might list how to make a football stadium in your igloo that looks good when I get alot of free time.

Here are the secrets (pictures from wweadam.com):

click the palm tree to but it

the cake is “in” the refrigerator

The big screen TV has been replaced by a security camera and is a hidden item again, it’s on the LCD TV, but that takes the place of the concert lights, so now they’re in clearance and won’t plobably come back for a year!

Click the crowbar for the stone igloo, and click the snow igloo door for the deluxe stone igloo.

secret stone igloo.






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