newspaper and secret agents mission 7

17 04 2008

Hey guys the newspaper came out today and here is everything about it:

The new newspaper is out, but there is not a SWF for it so I can’t let you see it without logging in.

All the clocks in club penguin have broken down, and the newspaper says that it was caused on purpose but no one knows why. I know! I am 100% sure that the polar bear homie guy and the crab from the recent mission broke them and in the new mission you fix them.

The catalogue comes out tomorrow  and they have made a garden for your igloo  that takes up the lower half of your split level. I’m not sure if it’s  a carpet type thing or a whole new igloo. Also, I would be smart and buy the stuff on clearance like the Mexican fiesta stuff because its not coming for another year.


I’m running late so I’ll post pictures tonight.






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