new servers are up!

15 04 2008

Hey, the new servers are up, I’ll post more tommorow!

I also somehow got onto the new club penguin site before they had put it back online! That means I was the first person to actually use the club penguin homepage and see everything that happened on it! How lucky was I? The dark blue on the logo has been replaced with a lighter blue too.

Here is a picture of the new servers:

At the top of the pic there is a penguin head, that is club penguin’s new avatar instead of the penguin with the snorkel and sombrero.

The server test items will be coming out in a week at it’s fastest. They keep saying that they haven’t gotten their “special thing that will do it yet”.

I’m sorry about my friends site sheenboy (Purplejhon’s brother). He hasn’t posted once yet, and I really mean it now, I’m going to call him and try to get him to make a post.

I will also start the movie of the week on DOTHECHILL either today or by Sunday.






3 responses

16 04 2008

cool site dude!!!

Darthrichi96: Thanks man!

17 04 2008

who is PurpleJohn?

Darthrichi96: My friend

17 04 2008

My very good friend’s penguin.

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