sneak peak and club penguin is down

14 04 2008

Hey, right now club penguin is down just like Billybob said it would be on his blog. I took a picture of what it looks like so you can see it if you missed it. He also said that it would be back by 7pst or around that time.

 So the whole picture would fit, I had to take the penguin and put it under the text instead of to the right of it.

Also, I have added two new pages to my blog. Really look at the CPM thing okay?

UPDATE: hey, I just went to club penguin’s site and it is up and running! On the homepage they don’t have the penguin you can click and change his clothes anymore, and now they have actual penguins on it that talk about the club penguin blog and now the penguins that they had under the buttons that said things like membership are at the bottom and the words are at the top. Let’s just say It looks so much different. Heres the link to look at it all: and right now clubpenguin is still down, but instead of the post I put above now it says

you also can’t get on miniclip. My internet’s been loading for 5 minites and nothing has come up yet.

Here’s some pictures of the website from right now:

Okay, right now it’s not letting me on, but it better soon!

I have also made a new website on freewebs so I can post my pictures so much easier, all the pictures I make I will be leaving up there too. here’s the link if you want to see it: and, if you persuade me enough, and give me something in return, I’ll advertise your site on my website to get you more views.

I’ll also be posting more funny pictures now since I made my new website.






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