new newspaper

10 04 2008

Hey guys I’m back. Sorry I haven’t been able to post. I sort of got grounded for a few days, but now I’m back!

The aqua grabber has gotten upgraded, and now you get a treasure chest and clams. Here is a walk through on how to do it.

I got this from wwe adam.

And to play the old aqua grabber, click this link:

The new newspaper is out and you can view it here:

At the beach, they have set up flares to contact Rockhopper with, they are pretty cool. Click it to set them off. It makes club penguin red for a second.

Also, they have cleaned off the migrator and you can get onto the ship hold. Unfortunately, the door to rockhopper’s cabin is still locked and the sign now says “Sorry, rockhopper still has the keys.”

On the newspaper, there is a game for fixing the Migrator. I am having Uding post a picture of the answer to the game.






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