more stuff happenin’

2 04 2008

Hey, I just went on fever’s blog,, and he head exactly 5,550,550 visits, all fives!

Anyway, If you go on Miniclip to go to club penguin, they have the top ten games. I’ve decided to start posting this on my blog, instead of the movie of the week. If you know how to delete categories (how you get to movie of the week), please tell me so I can do it to it. But for all the people who liked it, I will be continuing it on a Freewebs website that I will make, and it will have the old movies of the week on it too. Oh heck with it, I’m going to put everything that’s not club penguin or barely related to Club Penguin on it, from funny stuff that happens to me, to random things I hear, like the Wii shortage in the U.S.A. I will also post club penguin parties that other penguins are having on it. i will put the link on a page on the top where you see the about me button.

The new clothing catalog is coming out on Friday, (this is what I do) so you should buy all the clearance stuff in it, so in something like, 8 months you look really rare. I got my membership right before they got rid of the graduation cap, and now you are pretty cool if you have it.

The April fools party has ended and CP will probably update the look on rockhopper’s ship soon.The net at the beach is empty and will probably leave when RH’s ship is updated.

i just thought of a cool idea too! Since polar bears have made it too Club Penguin, they could invade in submarines and we have to use aqua grabber to defend us with! They could get rid of the claw and put in a laser turret, but of course the polar bears wouldn’t blow up they would eject and swim back the way they came. If you want to play aqua grabber without logging on, click this link: I also found this hacking HTML you can use to edit webpages, put once you go away from the page it goes back the way it was. Just go to the website you want to edit, and type in this in the address bar and click enter:

javascript: document.body.contentEditable = 'true'; document.designMode = 'on'; void 0.






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