da info on alot

2 04 2008

hey, you all suck so much, and club penguin sucks too, I’m closing down this blog and going to ban my accounts forever so I don’t have to give em’ away!


So how did you guys like the april fools party on cp? I would actually like to know, so comment down on this post and tell me. I think that the party was one of the best on cp, but it got old on the third day of it. Here’s a checksheet of the things at the party screenhog made, I also got this from http://watex.wordpress.com:


Here’s a picture of the Migrator, and you can also see that the net is empty, and that i also popped one of the boueys on it. The test servers are closing down in a few days, so if you want to go on them one last time, here’s the link: http://test.clubpenguin.com. I think that even if you don’t want to test, you should still go on and make a penguin, and here’s why. We tremendously helped out club penguin on a job that they should have been doing, and somehow we should be rewarded back. I mean, the Beta testers got that awesome party hat, maybe we’ll get something like it. Her’es some pics i took of the party:

migrator is ready to scrub



The magic puffle made me dissapear!

club penguin in moonlight

club penguin, AT NIGHT!

hacker on test servers

This guy hacked and got rockhopper’s background, I know this because RH hasn’t come to the test servers yet.

This crowd is here protesting for billybob to get on

This whole group is here asking for billybob to come on.

walk on walls

More magic puffles!

Also, I’m posting a really funny story about one of my teachers soon.






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