29 03 2008

YO!!! THE APRIL FOOL PARTY IS FINNALY HERE!!! Here are the cheats:

The pin (crayon) is on the mine shack, you have to connect the dots on the cards to make the mine shack, and then the crayon appears.

The night club is pixel, and if you want to make the rest of the island pixel, press the +/= key, this also works all the time.

 There is a new game that is astro barrier and thin ice combined at the lounge.

The swirley glasses I told you about are at the cove in a  box.

The red propeller cap is at the ski village.

The sport shop is decorated how it was on glow day.

At the ice berg, it is actually in a pan melting. with aqua grabber on it with the hook frozen inside it. This also real life, not animated.

If you go on the test servers, heres the link:, you are a green puffle, but only for today (friday). I will post some pics tommorow to show you. You can also wear clothes on them too. To eat, bathe, eat a cookie, or sleep, throw a snowball. To get on the tricicle, press wave. To dance, press S in any direction. It’s collest when you face backwards and press S on a treadmill because it looks like your running on it. And to fly with the beanie, press D.

And the really big news is that tommorow is the huge party!!!  It is on Tundra at 2pst, for getting a thousand hits, wear a party hat if you have one, we will be playing games like hide and go seek, find four, and sled racing. The party starts at my igloo, and do your best to get there right at 2pm so you dont miss anything! I will make a post on my blog to tell you what I am currently doing, so open up another tab with my blog, and look every time i dissapear from the group. Refresh you internet so you get the newest info.



P.S. I have invited wwe adam to the party!




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29 03 2008

tell them they can leave comments if they want to

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