29 03 2008

Hey, its me, and so far my sis ice558 and uding. If you want to be friends with me, say hey darth and ill add you.

I am currently: leaving the party before even an hour of it. Only about 2 people showed up, besides family and people I contacted about it today. Also, I won’t be having another party until 3,000 hits. And if no one shows up to that, I’m not having another one ever again.

Soryy if I sound mean, but i’m kind of frustrated becuase I talked about this for two whole weeks and spent over 20,000 coins on my igloo and went through hours of planning. I even stayed up till twelve last nigh doing this stuff. I’ll try to have a make-up party since I guess that everyone was busy, maybe 3:30 on monday on matterhorn? I’ll post more tommorow on it.

But if you still want to see me, im on mamoth with uding.




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