29 03 2008

SUP??? TODAY IS MY AWESOME PARTY!!!!!!!!!!! It starts at my igloo, which will be on the map, we will be wearing any kind of party hat or crown (member or non-member), it is at two pst (look at snow forts clock for it), we will be playing hide and seek (u have to find me), find four, sled racing, talking with newspapers, and maybe even walking on walls! I will post how to do it right now so you can do it at the party. This was made by, so thanks boulder dash!!! Here is the video so you can do it too! Also, only a few people can see this. I am going to figure out what you have to do to get other people to see you doing it right before the party with my sister. we are testing it on tundra at the sports shop and at the town at about 1:30 pst. Also, I just went to see how much my blog is worth and it said is worth almost 3,000 dollars!!! Lastly, wwe adam is coming to my party unless he accidentaly forgets. And, the green puffles are still on the test servers. Try walking on the walls with them. Here is the vid.

This only works for microsoft and windows, and dont be on, but dont click F11, or it wont work. There is an arrow next to the magnifying glass, that is what you click to get the custom zoom, and it works best on 500-1,000. I tested the lighhouse with my friend purplejhon, and he said to walk down the wall, get on the giant picture left of the one of rockhoppers and click and the area where the bottom of the stairs are. this will make it so people see you walking down, and not just u. I am currently testing the sports shop with my sister, and I will post that later. I will be posting April fools and my party pictures after each party. Hope you like my igloo!

Update: Sorry, I also forgot to mention that rockhopper’s ship is almost complete except for where the iceberg hit.




(by wweadam)




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29 03 2008

hey awesome site!! mine is! maybe we can chat on my chatbox! thanks!


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