27 03 2008

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting for a while, I have one again, been pretty busy. i checked out wwe adam’s site today and he has posted another cheat. The mods will probably fix it soon so… here it is:1. Join a sled racing game thats not already full of people. Basically, join a game that’s still waiting for players to join.

2. Now open your player card and put on or take off any clothing item. Close your player card.

3. You should now be standing up in the tube! Test this out with your friends to see if it worked.

Nothing is new with the testing so far. They haven’t even been updating the cpip blog! http://blog.clubpenguin.com/cpip. The newest thing is that they now have a wallpaper to download, and here is the picture:


Pretty lame huh?

In new news, there are two new parties coming out on CP, the april fools party this weekend, and MY FREAKIN’ AWESOME BLOWOUT PARTY!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s the picture of the April Fool’s party will have done to the pet shop (this is seriously what it will look like:


And here is that other hint I said I would post about my party: club. There are three types of clubs you know: club penguin, night club, and cave men club, but you can probably guess what it is. I MIGHT post part of what my igloo will look like on friday if u really want to know.

Today i was looking at the fist posts on the club penguin blog, the ones about the beta testers. This brings up another cheat: I think what club penguin used to look like right before the first week of beta testing was what it looks like if you click the +/= sign on your keyboard. If you look at the comments on those posts though, you can see some of the beta tester’s names.

Lastly, a reminder about my party: It is at 2:00pm pst. You can look at the time at the snow forts. It is on the server tundra, but if it is full, I’m switching it to matterhorn. If its full on tundra for you or matterhorns full, go on it after 2:00 and if my name isnt under the member igloos, I’m at the other server. But I will be going to Tundra for sure as long as it isn’t full. It is also during the april fools party so we will be going around cp looking at the stuff and playing games sled racing and and find four. I will be accepting at least 40 buddy requests, so if you want to be my buddy, say DARTH in caps and I will add you, or you can ask me just to be sure I get you. Please wear some kind of party hat (because they are totally awesome, and to know your in my group), and if you don’t have one, wear the item coming out on april fools (thanks ice drills! I also got this on snowdobby’s blog): The swirly glasses. Also, another item coming out later that is free is an angel halo, and one for members is a bling bling medalion (probably chains).

Here are some future colors for your penguin coming to cp (by mohd222):


There is also a party right after mine, it is for fotis01, the newest member of snowdobby’s blog. here’s the invetation:


(sorry if it’s blurry) 



Update: I just looked at my blog, and we have 1,200 hits! Great job!

Also, the flame in the lantern at the mine is now moving! It doen’t just sit there.




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27 03 2008


27 05 2010
Roslyn Livingston

darthrichi96.wordpress.com’s done it again! Superb writing!

29 05 2010
Ernest Mclaughlin

If I had a buck for each time I came here! Great writing.

12 04 2011


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