NEW STUFF (eggs)

21 03 2008

The Easter party is here and here are the cheats: First, you get the bunny hood by collecting all the eggs, and here are the eggs:

1: the first egg is inside the lantern in the mine shack:

egg 1

The second egg is on the poll in the dock:

egg 2

The third egg is (I made this one silly) in the pet shop in a cage:

puff egg

The fourth egg is at the book room and looks like a cactus:

egg 4

the fifth egg is in the gift shop on the poster:

egg 5

The sixth egg is disguised as a light bulb in front of the stage:

egg 6

Egg 7 is very easy, open the box on the green table and it pops out:

egg 7

Finnally, egg 8 is in the dojo and is is a ninja egg! It teleports to make it even harder (I also made this one funny) :

egg 8

These are the eggs, and today I’m going to be working on my igloo for the HUGE BLOWOUT PARTY!!! Keep telling people about this. Try to post comments on other peeps blogs about my website and party. PLEASE? Here’s a hint, medieval. I will release another hint later this week.

Speaking of igloos, the new furniture catalogue is out. For some reason, they didn’t come out with a new igloo catalogue. Here are the secrets for the igloo catalogue:

The fish bowl is hidden on the describing section of the snow globe igloo, the secret deluxe stone igloo is hidden is hidden on the door of the deluxe snow igloo and is 5,000 coins, and the plain stone igloo is currently unknown. In the igloo catalog, the concert lights are hidden on the home stereo, and the pipe organ is hidden on the piano.

There is a possible club penguin game for Nintendo DS (probably WI-FI) and if it is real, this is what it will look like:







3 responses

21 03 2008

Come to my site! Here is the link:

and here are a couple awsome sites also!

Thanks and have a great day!


21 03 2008

I added you to my blogroll and posted on your party like you asked.
I will try to come to the party


darthrichi96: Thanks man.

22 03 2008

why havent you added me to your blogroll like you said?

darthrichi96: Dude, I am so sorry! I asked you that but then I forgot your blog’s name!!! I’m adding you right now

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