new stuff

18 03 2008

Hey, I have been working on my blog alot. I have made a cheats page at the top of my blog, made a lot of mew cheats, and am currently working on funny pics/edits. I will try to delete the categories links (right of blog) so you don’t get mixed up on which ones to view. Also, I was one of the first blogs to post the cheats for paint by letters. It must have taken all the other bloggers a longer time to find them CUZ THEY GOT NO SKILL! Also, if you have a blog, you are welcome to use my pictures, cheats, and information. Just give me credit for them, or post ‘made by darthrichi96’.

Here are the links for the CPIP testing:, http://, and for all the useful information. Even if you dont test, I think that you should still clone your penguin because I think that the mods will make an item just for us since we helped them, I mean just look at the beta testers. They tested Beta CP and they got something! They got that awesome hat! So if I were you, clone all your penguins on the main website to get a free item.

Also, the pin is in the boiler room, the new hats are in the ski village, and there is a new yearbook in the book room. I think that they should have talked about the bata testing parties too, but they didn’t. They also put inold pins for you to see, but they are hidden. Like one is click march on one of the pages for clover pin.






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