1,000 hits party!

18 03 2008

Congratulations! With your help, we have gotten to 1,000 hits!! I will announce the time in a few days> Also, any one can come! I am having it a few weeks from now so more people will have time to hear about it! If you read this, PLEASE tell all the penguins you know, because I want a HUGE BLOW OUT PARTY! My igloo will be specially decorated for the event, and if you have one, please wear a party hat of any kind. I will be going on the penguins darthrichi96, DOTHECHILL, and possibly Illooo. I will be accepting most buddy requests, and if I dont accept you, it’s probably because I am full. Remember tell all your friends about it, so we can make this a HUGE BLOW OUT PARTY!!!

Update: I have decided that the time will be 2:00 pst. And I have invited wwe adam and fever to come to it!!! You can help me by commenting on their sites to and asking them to come to this. Also, try to tell as much penguins as you possibly can!!!

party invitation




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