some bugs on the new servers

13 03 2008

If you are testing the new servers, there are some cheats I have found out and other penguins too, like wwe adam. also, about half of these bugs are from his site, so thank for the bugs wwe adam.

1# The soccer shirt glitch. You can use this by wearing the soccer shirt and it will go over your face.

2# membership glitch. This happened to me. I was a nonmember when I started the testing. Then I became a member, but I can’t buy anything on the servers because that is the glitch that they need to fix.  You buy your membership before you clone your penguin.

3# Room full bug. If a room is full, it doesn’t say that, it just puts up the loading sign forever.

4# paint by letters glitch. on the burn out bulbs paint by letters, it doesn’t give you your coins, it just keeps loading.

5# it doesn’t say a server is full, it just loads for a minute and then says unable to connect. Even if it says theres only 3-4 face things full, it still is full.

6# I got the bracelet thing on the book “rockhopper and the stowaway”, but it got deleted after I logged off.

that is it for now





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