can you seriously tip the iceberg?

22 02 2008

I have been wondering if you really can tip the iceberg? If you know the answer, please comment under the post. Also, If you get proof, I will get you 2,500 coins! Send me two pictures of the iceberg tipping and the thing that should pop up that tells you that you did it (if you really can tip it), or a video of it.  comment on this post or put it on you tube. . Also, send me your penguin name and password so I can get you that coins. I swear that I will not do something bad to your account, you can trust me. I am a man of my word. I will be doing contests in the future so winner, if I DO do something you didn’t want me to do (which I won’t) you can tell everyone else. The contest will end in march (I will announce the time later).



update: i will be deleting this post two weeks from the 8th of march.




One response

29 02 2008

right. and i know you keep your promises

darthrichi96-bobobobobobob is uding. Also, he is right. I do keep my promises.

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