wwe adam

6 01 2008

Oh my gosh, I went to wwe adam’s party today and it was so fun! I got to see him and hang out with him for 45minutes. We sleg raced together and I watched him play Find 4. The coolest part is that he asked me to be his buddy! I learned two things at the party that I will share with you: if you want to be the host’s (wwe adam) buddy, get to the party first so you can meet him, or play games with the person and hang out with him/her and let them ask to be your buddy. Here are some pics

this is wwe’s igloo (the fire spells adam (wwe ADAM))

wwe adam’s igloo

This is proof that wwe adam is my buddy (he still is after the party too)

wwe is my buddy

And after the party I found this (they said they were ninjas but they weren’, they were hackers)

the hacker






One response

14 11 2009

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rickkix-um, good for you…

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