about my website and penguin

7 11 2007

Hello, my penguin is darthrichi96, and I really like going on club penguin. Below are some things you should know about my penguin:

– I have a lot of penguins, and my three main ones are:


-DOTHECHILL (tests hacks and cheats)

-I NEED FANTA (my non-member penguin)

I have four rules on my website:

-no hacking my website

-no spamming my website
-no innapropriate language

-have fun

today is november fourth and my penguin darthrichi is a member, has both aniversary hats, and is 391 days old

I almost always go on the english server Mamoth, if I’m not on that I’m either on the english servers Matterhorn or Tundra

Also, if you would like to tell me a cheat, just post it on a comment, and if it’s good enough, I’ll post it on my website with your penguin name under it and you will get at least 75% of the credit.






One response

28 11 2007

hey you need glitches

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